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liquid dyes

estetic ort kolor

  • to be used for orthodontic bases,
  • enable to obtain different colouring effects.



  • 4 x 12,5 ml liquid (blue, red, yellow, orange)

The liquid dyes (orange, red, blue and yellow) made of ESTETIC ORT liquid are designed for dyeing the transparent material ESTETIC ORT, which enables making coloured tooth-correction apparatuses. The liquid dyes can be mixed to obtain other colours than the basic ones.

Direction for use:
To obtain a colour, mix the liquid dyes in the proportion of 3 - 5 drops to 5 ml of the liquid in a pot used for this purpose; a more intense colour can be obtained by adding a bigger quantity of dye. The solution should be used in according to the instructions for use of ESTETIC ORT.

The manufacturer recommends inserting the following information in the instructions for patients:

  • orthodontic apparatuses made of ESTETIC ORT KOLOR should be washed with a tooth-brush and toothpaste,
  • don't soak them in heavily alkali or acid substances in order to avoid damage of surface,
  • damaged orthodontic apparatuses should be repaired only by a dental technician or a dentist,
  • the adjustment of orthodontic apparatuses should be regularly checked.

Keep in tightly-closed containers in well-ventilated rooms. Keep out of the reach of children.

Best before: 3 years from the date of production

The liquid is inflammable and also irritant. Avoid inhaling the vapors and prevent any contact with the skin and eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water and, if any, contact your ophthalmologist. Don't dispose of the remainder of the liquid into the sewer. Dental technicians are warned against inhaling dust while carrying out prosthesis work. When engaged in this work, using of a dust-mask and a fume cupboard is recommended.