Acrylic teeth - Wiedent
Acrylic teeth - naturally beautiful
acrylic teeth
Three lines of acrylic teeth:
- three-layer ESTETIC
- three-layer ALMAMISS
- two-layer CLASSIC
Acrylic teeth
Encrusted Teet
For extravagant enthusiasts - Encrusted Teeth :

- diamond or zirconia

- gold

Encrusted teeth
Materials for prosthetists
Materials for prosthetists
Acrylic materials
Acrylic materials.
Diversity is our strength.
Acrylic materials
Dental waxes
Dental waxes.
Meeting nature.
Dental waxes

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 acrylic teeth

Wiedent offers three lines of acrylic teeth made of high-quality polymers:

  • Three-layer Estetic acrylic teeth
  • Three-layer Almamiss acrylic teeth
  • Two-layer Classic acrylic teeth

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 materials for prosthetists

Wiedent offers many materials for prosthetists such as:

  • Acrylic materials
  • Dental waxes
  • Polishing materials

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Mould 437 upper anterior teeth of the Classic line now on sale. Details on the website and in the order.


Mould 104-small lower anterior teeth of the ALMAMISS line now on sale. Details on the the website and in the order.


New moulds of ALMAMISS teeth are already on offer.
Details on the website and in the order.


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