zeby akrylowe

Acrylic teeth

We offer three lines of acrylic teeth manufactured of high-quality double cross-linked polymers. They are as follows:ESTETIC, three-layer acrylic teeth; ALMAMISS, three-layer acrylic teeth reinforced by IPN polymer and CLASSIC, two-layer teeth. We also offer encrusted teeth.

materialy akrylowe

Acrylic materials

We offer acrylic materials for making and repairing dentures, orthodontic appliances, and fixed and temporary crowns and bridges. These materials are made of high-quality methyl methacrylate polymers. This ensures that dentures made of these materials are characterised by high levels of hardness and resistance to abrasion.

woski dentystyczne

Dental waxes

All dental waxes offered by us are made of bee wax and natural paraffin; as a result, they display perfect plasticity features and have a pleasant honey flavour.

materialy polerskie

Polishing materials

Our popular brushes, both textile and of the newly developed textile-bristle variety, are made of specially selected textile and bristle materials to give them excellent durability.

inne produkty

Other products

Our shade guides and live mould charts used by dental technicians and dentists help to make dentures which will guarantee patient satisfaction. To help organise a dental technician's work area, we offer aesthetically designed and functional storage units for teeth and dental instruments.