Privacy policy

1. General information.

  1. Wytwórnia Zębów Sztucznych WIEDENT Spółka Jawna, 94-104 Łódź, ul. Obywatelska 187/189
    is the Operator of website.
  2. The website obtains information about users and their behavior in the following way:
    a. By information entered voluntarily in forms.
    b. By saving cookies on user’s device.
    c. By collecting web server logs through hosting operator.

2. Information contained in forms.

  1. Service collects information provided voluntarily by the user.
  2. The website may also save information about the connection parameters (time, IP address)./li>
  3. Data provided in the form is not made available to third parties otherwise than with the consent of the user.
  4. Data provided in the form may constitute a database of potential customers, registered by Service Operator in the register which is kept by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
  5. Data provided in the form is processed for the purposes resulting from the function of a specific form, for example in order to process the service request or business contact.

3. New regulations regarding cookies.

  1. What are cookies?
    Cookies are files which contain user settings. They are created by a web browser every time you enter the site. Some of them can remain on the device after closing the browser. On the next visit using the same device, the browser can check whether the device has the correct cookie file and send the data contained therein to the page that saved the cookie. Thanks to this, it can be recognized that a given user visited the website in the past and in some cases the presented content can be adjusted.
  2. The advantages of cookies.
    Cookies make it easier for the user to use previously visited websites. If the user uses the same device and browser as before, it allows for remembering his preferences. No cookies used on our websites collect information that enables us to determine your identity.
  3. Management and removal of cookies.
    The user can change the way cookies are used by his browser - one can block or delete those that come from websites. To do this, one has to change browser settings. Most browsers offer the following options: to accept or reject all cookies, accept only certain types of cookies or inform the user every time a website attempts to save them. The user can also easily delete cookies that have already been stored on the device by the browser. The management and deletion of cookies varies depending on the browser used. Detailed information on this subject can be obtained by using “Help” function in the browser or by visiting